2014 Formula Drift: Tires Are the Most Important in Drifting! Why?

Many of us think that in order to have a great drifting vehicle, you must consider many things like the horse and torque power, developing your skills, good suspension, but the most important thing about drift driving should be your tires. If you do not have set of good tires, than you will not get very far. And if you want to know why is that, find out from the best at this field, in the next 2014 Formula Drift video that we have prepared for you today.

It is a great video for every drift-driving fan out there, in which some of the best names in the sport are going to talk about the most important things when it comes to drifting, and that is tires. Vaughn Gittin Jr, Chelsea Denofa and Odi Bakchis, all of them Nitto Tire drivers, are the main characters of this 2014 Formula Drift video and they will explain us a few things.

Tires are arguably the most important thing that you can put on your vehicle. You can spend as much time and money developing your suspension, or getting a ton of horsepower, but if you are not getting into the ground and you do not have a control, than you really have nothing.

This and other advice and opinions, it is all down there, so watch the video and enjoy it.

Enjoy the video below!

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