Wheelchair Lift Doesn’t Affect The Look & It’s Easy To Use!

After the Disability Discrimination Act as well as the Equality Act have been introduced, numerous edifices were trying to implement an easy access system which is barrier-free and guaranties means of entry for every individual. In addition, even the slightest steps can be a serious obstacle to visitors of a certain building thus leading to a situation where the visitor cannot enter the facility without assistance. Oftentimes, the buildings introduce a solution which is difficult to utilize and can also spoil the appearance of the property itself. Therefore, the company called Allgood Trio came up with the best possible solution that is truly easy to use and doesn`t protrude as well. The team thought of the Sesame System. It represents a technology advanced solution which is a wheelchair lift custom made to fit the dimensions of the facility and is also supplied and installed by their professional engineers.

What makes this system unique is the fact that the retractable platform is mounted underneath the existing stairs which are pulled back at the beginning of the process. In other words, the Sesame system is invisible when it`s not in use. Finally, we get a wheelchair lift which is very easy to use and doesn`t spoil the look of the building as well!

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