Airtrax Cobra – New & Revolutionary Vehicle with a Unique Wheel System!

As you can see from the first look on the picture, this interesting looking vehicle called the Airtrax Cobra has an original, one of a kind system of wheels, which gives it an abilities to move in each direction, fore and aft. After you will watch the video bellow, I think that you will also agree that this type of vehicle can become very much useful for all kinds of transport and maneuver in spaces, both with limited or premium approach.

Airtrax Cobra series lineup is coming with a wide range of vehicles that can (and will) be used in warehouses with this type of movement system installed. The manufacturers describe this innovative vehicle as “omni directional”, which, as you can guess, means that it can move and rotate in multiple directions. The Airtrax Cobra can make the warehouse tasks so much easier. If you have ever in your life worked there, you know how messy things can get! Imagine if you had the Airtrax then as the wheels could have been able to move any way you wanted them to! You know what I`m talking about right?

It is being controlled with a joystick, not with a classic steering wheel (those of you who know a thing or two about vehicles used in warehouses are probably familiar that this type of movement control is used in other vehicles too). It also has an ability to rotate full 360 degrees. That`s quite something by the Airtrax Cobra Fork Lifter!

It is said that this type of technology will be soon used in remote controlled vehicles as well. So, check out the video and see what a great machine this is. Enjoy it folks!

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