ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE Ghe O Rescue! No Borders For This Thing!

Wow! Now this is something for every monster truck fan and all those who love big machines, because this babe makes the Hummer look like a kinder garden toy, believe me! And the best thing about it that it is suitable for all terrain, which makes it an ideal solution for all kinds of transport, medical support or some other possible disaster. Ghe O RESCUE can get you anywhere you want and need to be.

Its off-road abilities were taken from racing and despite its almost tank-like look, it is very much capable to rival many racing equipped sports vehicles. Due to its huge wheels and massive distribution, Ghe O RESCUE can perform much better than most of the off road racing cars and other vehicles, plus it has a capacity of eleven persons on board. In a matter of speaking, this monster is class of it own.

It weights about 3.2 tons and has a capacity for many different accessories like water pumps, 620 liter water tank, it can float on water thanks to the pneumatic pillows on the tires, rear wheel traction, side doors access and of course GPS navigational system. It really is something, check out the video and be mesmerized.


However, we cannot forget this one when we talk about ATVs!

Enjoy the video below!

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