How to Double Your PARKING SPACE! The Solution Is CARDOK!

Many of us have often been in a situation when there is not enough space to park your car. This can happen anywhere, be it your own yard, a public parking lot etc. While we are talking about private properties we think we might have the video that will turn the light bulb above your head. This recording will be of much use for those who have less space in their yards. This can also be said for those who often have guests who don`t want to leave their cars on the street. This great solution is featured in the video you are about to watch, and it will definitely impress you! The answer for these problematic situations comes packed in one simple name – CARDOK!

It is a below the ground parking solution that increases the parking space TWICE! With this system, your vehicle is even more protected than in a garage! The CARDOK has no standard dimensions which means it can be custom built to satisfy your needs (in most of the cases)! How does it work? Simply, with a click on a remote control! Just press the button and the CARDOK starts to erect from the underground! In less than half a minute the CARDOK is fully opened and you can place you vehicle there. Once you`ve done with that press the button again and your automobile is safe down under. We have had the concept of underground parking for a long time, but with CARDOK it is possible the park your car underneath YOUR BACKYARD! This way, your vehicle will be protected from any harm! We think it is an amazing idea, and this is why we had to share it here!

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