Chris Forsberg DRIFTS 1000 HP Nissan 370Z With Ryan Tuerck!

Did you manage to buy the things you wanted this on this year`s Black Friday? Or you do not belong to the crowd who participates in such events? Either way, the video we have to show you was made especially for Black Friday 2015, but it pays tribute to this day from ours, gearhead point of view! Still don`t have an idea? Well, there are two amazing vehicles, two professional drifters and one abandoned mall! More precisely, you are going to watch Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck drifting in two Nissans 370Z in Hawthorne mall in Los Angeles, California!

Chris Forsberg is drifting in the white 1000 horsepower Nissan 370Z, while Ryan Tuerck is behind the wheel of the red one. Sadly, we don`t have information regarding the power of Ryan`s Nissan, but we can tell you that both automobiles have Nissan`s VK56 engine! Anyway, at the beginning of this video clip you are going to watch Chris Forsberg drifting on the edge of the ruined first floor in this abandoned mall! Not long after, Ryan Tuerck starts his engine and joins his friend Chris! Make sure to watch this video in full screen mode and volume up in order to get the best HOONIGAN experience!

At last, click here to watch one POV video where Chris Forsberg does a Formula drift practice in Atlanta 2013! Another proof that this guy is one extremely talented drifter!