Check out this 3D Printed Toyota 22RE ENGINE!

We are never too excited when it comes to Toyota`s R family of engines. But we all give respect to these series of straight-four gasoline engines! However, the Toyota 22RE engine is definitely not to be underestimated with its 8 valves and 2.4L motor!

3D printing on the other hand has taken a big swing in the World! People have 3D printed all sorts of stuff! From pencils, razors and wallets, to CARS and ENGINES! You probably remember the first 3D printed ELECTRIC car that was presented at the Detroit North American International Auto Show! Even this year`s Geneva Motor Show had an UNIQUE 3D printed car to show as people were truly amazed! So, now you have the chance to see a 3D printed Toyota 22RE engine!

It is really nicely printed with all 4 cylinders present and the valves opening and closing!!! Almost all parts are printed, some are excluded like some bearings and a few fasteners. Anyway, you can see it is working fine! It took the guy who printed this engine 3 days in order to be done with the whole engine, whereas, it took 34 hours just for the block to be printed!

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