Pendants became really popular in the late 16th century! They were only worn by the Nobles in France, the Madams in England and so on at the time. No one from the Third Estate could even imagine wearing such precious accessories! However, time has changed. Pendants are no longer that expensive and anyone can afford them! We know time`s changed since we now have 3D printers! Oh, we wish all the Nobles now knew that not only we can wear pendants and necklaces, but we can also design them! Thus, check out the unique and awesome 3D pendant design! Its author calls it Twin Rail Mobius Pendant With Balls! It`s a little piece of jewelry and it`s pretty big (approximately 46mm diameter)!

Although pendants are usually worn by women, this one is more suitable for the stronger gender. What`s even more amazing about it is the mind-blowing 3D printing that will leave you speechless! The Twin Rail Mobius Pendant video reached almost 4 million views!!! Not bad for a pendant, huh? However, even if it looks to you as an illusion, it is not!

Plus, if you want to read the full history of these precious accessories, follow this link.