“BLWNLUX” – Vulgar Display of Power! Watch the World’s Toughest Hilux!

Oh my god! If you ever though that you have seen it all, believe me when I tell you that you were wrong! What we have here is one of the most powerful trucks and totally insane demonstration of its engine`s strength you have ever seen! If you thought that Top Gear`s Hilux was something special, mighty and powerful, wait until you see this monster!

No matter whether you are a fan or not, but this is probably the world`s toughest Toyota Hilux truck. Its owner, Brett Battersby, did a really fantastic job with this 1987 Toyota Hilux, swamping its original motor with a 540 cubic inch blown and injected big block from Chevy, preparing it to conquer the world. And this is the place where the first step is being made.

The guy is creating such a huge clouds of smoke, doing a `little` rubber burnouts and donuts, so that even the wheels do not get spared. It is one of the most stunning performances of the dopest trucks I have ever seen. If you are a fan of powerful trucks, the next two and half minutes of this video will be a pure joy and delight.

Enjoy the video below!

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2 thoughts on ““BLWNLUX” – Vulgar Display of Power! Watch the World’s Toughest Hilux!

  1. ben

    I would like to see this on the Dyno!

  2. Jacob

    Bring a friend of Brett, this thing is a monster up close. Also getting hit with rubber from ta bug 4×4 tyres on the back is more painful them any normal skid car

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