Good Demonstration of a Hauling Gear with 18-Wheeler Truck!

Every now and then, we get a video in which we can see a good demonstration of how certain things should be done, and in this case, we have a huge 18 wheeler diesel truck, logged up over the top, perfectly hauling gear, showing to all of us – this is how you do it!

Behind the wheels of this great 18-wheeler we have the Canadian professional truck driver Remi Simard, who is also known as a guy who does truck racing and pulling contests. So, it is pretty much clear that we have a really cool guy, who knows what the hell is he doing. And in this video, he is practically giving a lesson to all those who are interested of how should you handle your gear box when you want to do an acceleration and a fast start with such a fully loaded monster.

I`m sure that some of you would not be very impressed of this performance, but if you ever try to do it yourself, than you will find out what is the point this guy is trying to make with this video.

And for those of you who know a thing or two about driving an 18-wheeler, than you will see what a good demonstration of hauling gear this is.

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Enjoy the video below!

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