Here we go again with another video clip from the most famous movie saga that celebrates the beauty, glory, power and speed of the best cars from all over the world. We have seen some of the best vintage Detroit muscle, along with the best American muscle products from the 21st century (like the two Dodge Chargers from the 6th part), in a combination with some of the best imports that has ever felt the `taste` of the American soil. The FURIOUS 7 BEHIND THE SCENES video clip that we have prepared for today`s article, will give you a short glimpse into the “Fast & Furious 7”, in the home of the main star, Dom Toretto to be more precise!

The place that we know well from the original Fast & Furious from 2000 (and if I remember correctly, have not seen since). According to his own words (Vin Diesel – Dom), it is a very special house for the entire crew of the movies, the place from which everything started.

So, without me spoiling it for you, and paraphrasing the words of the main stars of the movie, check out the video and get a better picture from this FURIOUS 7 BEHIND THE SCENES. And if you want to see some of the most epic and attractive scenes from the whole franchise, go to this link.