“Autobahn Action” With LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP750 4 SV!

Hello my fellow Lamborghini Aventador fans! As many of you can probably presume, the reason why we have called this Lambo article an “Autobahn Action”, is because this time, we have prepared you a video clip from the German channel RTL, in which there is a complete presentation of the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP750 4 SV. And because even though the Lamborghini luxury supercars are a synonymous of the top Italian car engineering and manufacturing, the fact that it is owned by the German Volkswagen group, or to be more exact, by its Audi subsidiary brand division, we think that it is important to see how it is presented over there, in Germany!

The term Superveloce stands for Superfast, and it is said to be the most crazy Lamborghini, when it comes to its acceleration (2.8 seconds from 0 to 60), thanks to that ultra-powerful V12 engine that gives a total output to a 750 HP and over 500 pound feet of torque! It has a complete new exhaust system with four pipes that produces that well known, powerful engine sound that makes us feel our neck skin crawl!

Even though it is on German (without subtitles), the following video clip will give you a chance to see and feel all important aspects of the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce, and get much closer and personal with this awesome hypercar! So just check out the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP750 4 SV and enjoy the action. And if you want to read and find out more things about it, go to this link.