Check Out This Awesome Truck Show Including Races Over Rivers!

When you choose a public place for racing, you always consider that there must be low traffic, no police, smooth terrain, etc. However, sometimes that smooth terrain criteria is not so important as some drivers prefer to compete on something way more different, like a lake for example. That is the exact surface on which the monster trucks in this video are competing against each other. This video footage that is recorded in 2010 presents an awesome truck show where 4×4 off-road trucks try to move across a 12 acre lake.

In this case, the goal is not to end first, but to end deeper in the lake and cross it, having in mind that you cannot know what is going on below the surface. Thanks to the enormous tires, these monstrous trucks can be easily managed and driven on these circumstances.

For our pleasure, as an extra scene in this awesome truck show video we have a similar old school style truck, which will attempt to cross a muddy terrain, that at the end will be responsible for the brown look of the vehicle. On water, in mud or on the street -- today it really does not matter where the fun is going to happen!

Anyway, we believe these here are the best reality trucking shows ever!