Most Bizarre & Weird Trucks! Choose The Most FREAKY One!

You have probably noticed that lately we had some really weird trucks, like the Mattracks MT Plus, so we decided to find out a little bit more about some other weird big machines out there and make a small `weirdo group` out of them. It will be a really freaky collection of converted construction 4×4 trucks that have the power to crash many other vehicles like small insects. For some of them you have probably heard or reed somewhere, and the others will be a surprise. So let us start from the beginning.

Weird Trucks -- Mattracks MT Plus

If you have big time love for your Chevy S10 pickup and want to take it on skiing or snowboarding, now there is a solution for those problems in the name of Mattracks company. These guys are known for converting regular 4×4 trucks (as well as SUVs, ATVs and other big vehicles) for about two decades. But now they have developed a new model called MT Plus.

MT Plus is equipped with special tracks which are providing excellent performance abilities in deep snow, as well as in sift soil. It has 21″ long foot-tracks for hard surface and 33″ for soft soil conditions. And it runs perfectly good!

On the other hand, these are the most weird cars of all time!

Enjoy the video below!

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