Check Out Ken Block’s 2014 Ford F 150 RaptorTRAX!

The brand new project from Hoonigan Racing Division`s Ken Block is the Ford F 150 RaptorTRAX which happens to be the most awesome backcountry snowboard expedition automobile. This automobile is the world`s fastest “sledge” for backcountry snowboarding and it is gonna be part of the Winter 2014/2015 upcoming video which is the most awaited to be released.

Block said that this project is something that he has been working on for quite a time. As a resident of the Park City mountains he finds his ride quite useful and loves it deeply. The Raptor has proven to be a rambling monster of a machine on the roads and Block is thrilled of the way the Raptor performs. Since his project is due for the end of the year, Block and his buddies are planning to take the Raptor for a deep slide into the Park City mountains and awesome video.

Enjoy the video below!

Designed from a Ford Racing prepared F-150 Raptor pickup truck and further improved by Special Vehicle Concepts stationed in California, the truck includes interior storage for snacks and drinks, a roof basket, snowboard racks, an exterior stereo setup for blasting music on-site, a rear-mounted winch, and many exterior-mounted Rigid Industries lighting to help guide the way, the Ford F 150 RaptorTRAX is intended to be an awesome tool capable of achieving tremendous backcountry powder.

Despite the many amazing things that it possesses, the RaptorTRAX performs in a way that will make your jaws drop. It also looks impressively good. It includes four burly Mattracks, a full roll cage, a Whipple supercharged 6.2L V8 engine and very cozy Recaro seats. There is no better thing to take on a mountain ride with you.

If some of the things we have written caught your attention wait till you see the upcoming video that will feature some pretty amazing stunts that the RaptorTRAX did, scheduled to be released later this year. But if you are pretty eager to see this beast, you can check it out at the display at Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.

At last, the Maestro!

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