RC MUDDY SCALE 4×4 TRUCKS and TRAILER With Chains! Will He Pull Out? 7M Views!

RC vehicles are amazing. We can safely say that most of the people are huge fans of pretty much anything that is remote controlled. This is why whenever we stumble upon a video of nice RC vehicles we share it with everyone here. Today we are continuing our tradition by presenting you with footage of RC trucks. You just have to check out this incredible MUDDY SCALE 4×4 TRUCKS and TRAILER With Chains! This video is truly a work of art! The way it is filmed makes you feel like you are watching a movie, which is just one of the many reasons why you should watch it! It tells the story of 2 4×4 trucks, called OVERKiLL and PiNKY. OVERKiLL is pulling a trailer and PiNKY is on that trailer. After some time, OVERKill stops and PiNKY leaves the trailer. These RC trucks are made so cool. They look so real! The wheels are awesome! What do you think, will he pull out with that trailer and another truck on it? This video has 7M Views!

We shouldn`t really be surprised though, because this video is filmed really nicely, like we mentioned earlier. The adventures of OVERKill and PiNKY take place somewhere in Northern America, but it`s not specified where exactly. After PiNKY leaves the trailer, the small RC truck continues without OVERKiLL. It easily overcomes many obstacles along the way, from twigs and small pieces of wood to muddy terrain. However, after brief exploration, PiNKY has a small mishap and flips over! For most RC trucks, this would be the end of the adventure. For PiNKY, this is the perfect time to call for help from OVERKiLL! Will OVERKiLL manage to help PiNKY? You will just have to the video of these muddy scale 4×4 trucks and find out yourself!

And last but not least, click here to watch another RC truck in action, but this time in winter conditions!

Enjoy the video below!

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