ATV MUDDING! Mud Hole Is No Obstacle For This Lifted All-Terrain Vehicle!

By the time now, we got used on watching monster trucks challenges of all sorts of ominous looking mud holes down south, but I bet you have not seen many ATVs doing the same thing, right? Well, here it comes! The world`s biggest ATV shows us just what a piece of cake a mud hole challenge can be for such a great machine. This is the ultimate ATV Mudding!

This great looking Can Am Outlander 800 is built and constructed by the Gorilla Axle and it is equipped with a dual cv joints on both ends of the axle, allowing it to do some things and overcome obstacles you never thought it possibly could. That gives it the opportunity to do ATV Mudding as much as it wants!

Besides, there are the 32″ Silverbacks, ITP wheels, which makes a mud hole challenge like this, looking like walk in the park. And just to be sure, they have also installed a snorkel on it because…well, you never know what may happen, right? The plot of this story happens right next to a highway where many people can see this ATV mudding in action! This huge lifted ATV shows that going through a pretty deep mud hole is no problem for it! The ATV Mudding is writing history with this footage!

I`m sure that one may find it look a bit funny or ridiculous, but after seeing it crossing over this mud pit, you will see the point of it. By the time it got to the end of the pit, things got a little bit ruff, but hey, as abovementioned, this ATV has all the necessary things, even if things start going the wrong way. You have to love this ATV mudding!

Finally, if you want to see an amazing swamp ATV battle, follow this link!


8 thoughts on “ATV MUDDING! Mud Hole Is No Obstacle For This Lifted All-Terrain Vehicle!

  1. justin

    That’s halarious,,, and a joke! I would be impressed if that was a real mudhole,,, that is a clean trench that is full of water,, no mud!! 32″ silver backs and the left side tires are above the water, the right side tires are just barely under the surface! Not to mention look at how smoothly he traveled through it,,, not rough nor was it rutted out at all,,, he pretty much was just barely above idle through the whole thing until he pulled up that nice smooth an gradual incline at the end, then he just barely cracked the throttle to exit the hole!!! Not impressive what so ever!!! And what a waste of a can am,,, hell the thing would go thru that hole bone stock!!!

    1. ralph

      I agree, not. Impressive at all. That was a joke all the way around.

  2. Steve McLean

    Looks like someone stirring chocolate cake mix with an egg beater

  3. jose lara

    que ganas de arruinar un can am xD!!!!!

  4. MrWorf

    It looks cool but I think that it is too top heavy. Maybe if he extended the wheels out at an angle more that it will help with stability.

  5. Dude

    I just wasted 1 minute of my life

  6. Thomas

    Poor design. Thats gonna hurt somebody.

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