1950 Chevy Pickup ICON Thriftmaster – Styling Icon in the World of Classic Trucks!

In the world of classic trucks, most of its enthusiasts shall agree that the pickups from Advance Design and the Chevy Thriftmasters  have the style of worshiped icons. Ward`s makeover of a contemporary `50 Chevy pickup, so called the Icon, looks a little bit too sophisticated.

Ward is a guy who knows trucks. Through the years, as he assembled, restored and owned many Thriftmasters, he came to adore their looks, but not their performance that seemed a little bit obsolete. That was the reason that opened his way in modernizing these trucks with all the components of modern work.


When he found the 1950 Chevy pickup, it was in terrible state so he made a list of parts and reworks that the pickup desperately needed. For the truck`s base he used the chassis of Art morrison enterprises. The list of modifications done include Currie 9-inch rear, disc brakes from WilWood, 31-spline Strange axles as well as master cylinder from ABS.  The coilovers were from JRI. The Nitto tires are covering the billet wheels, sizing 18 inches from billet Circle Racing.

Jonathan used a boost 315 horses coming from the 5.3-liter E-Rod  from Chevrolet Performance.

The Dakota gauges are fitted some additional hard-core flair. A mattress material from Tempur Pedic was used to cover the seats, which were also added an American bison. The bison also covers the berber carpet, the door panels, berber and the custom made steering wheel sizing 16 inches which possesses an ididit collapsible column. There is also audio system from Audison as well as lined surfaces from Dynamat that shall make sure that you`ll have a good time while driving.

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4 thoughts on “1950 Chevy Pickup ICON Thriftmaster – Styling Icon in the World of Classic Trucks!

  1. My grand father gave me a 55 Chevrolet stepside 5 window first series pick up I blow up the straight 6 , this was back in 1976 I parked it in my fathers back forty , just got to where I pulled it out of the weeds a 6 inch dia. Tree grew around back spring thank god the wood bed had rotted out giving it somewhere to grow and not mangle body everything cool . Pass.door has rust hole about size of fist and bottom skin that attaches to outside skin rusted across ? Miner metal work I hope ,drivers inside floor panel rust threw were it angles up other than that it looks pretty straight . He replaced back bumper with heavy angle iron welded not bolted to frame, need windshield,pass. Door window and wing window same side thanks to the neighbor kids how hard and where can I get original replacement parts for it . Would I degrade pickup if I upgraded front suspension and squared it lower I would love to get a windshield viper the old school original chrome or they had a metal with green plastic one also I need a parts dealer or auto yard that has 50 acres of vintage please help

  2. Wow, what a beautiful 1950 Chevy pickup truck right there. The remodeling work on that truck looks even better and it’s what got my attention. It reminds me of the truck that I used to tow from my old job as a truck towing operator.

  3. Rebecca

    Beautiful truck.
    What is the name of the paint color?
    Would love to paint my 1970 Nova this color.

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