This Racing GTR Build Goes Over the Top On The DYNO Test!

Some guys really do not know the meaning of the words like “Enough”, or “Stop”, or “That`s it”, but they just keep pushing it and pushing it, until they come up with such a monster, like this one that you will see in the video bellow, that transforms itself into a pure incarnation of raw power! After most of the things were done and over, the car was put on the dynamometer so that we can all see some clear numbers and read what it says. So, what we have here is a video of the final stages of the construction and tuning process of the Lease Locators Racing team new GTR Build and as you will see it for yourself, the results are pretty amazing, hell, even terrifying. After having the pleasure of seeing that twin turbo and every coil at its place, the car was placed at the dyno and it finally starts roaring with its familiar sound we all know well.

And what do the numbers have to say? 1511HP and 1 064 pounds feet of torque! Wow! And according to the authors and owners of this video, those are not highest numbers on the board, the real ones are still not available for the public.

You got to be kidding me, take a look at this GTR build.

Do you even know how to read a DYNO sheet? Read this!

Enjoy the video below!

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