How To PAINT Your Wheels Without Taking Them Off!

How To PAINT Your Wheels Without Taking Them Off! AWESOME TUTORIAL!

You Own A Nissan GTR Start Painting Its Alloy Wheels Or Rims WITHOUT TAKING THE WHEELS OFF AWESOME 2

Laziness can strike us at any time, but if that happens in the near future when you have to paint the alloy wheels for your car then this is your LUCKY day! Use the chance to watch another amazing do-it-yourself tutorial that will help you skip the obligatory Paint your Wheels tasks such as TAKING THEM OFF your vehicle! In the video, this freshly discovered method is tested on a Nissan GTR model and here are the steps.

So, at first the damaged parts of the wheels are being sanded down with a course paper. Afterwards, you have to de-glaze the lacquer, in order to alloy better adhesion of the painted layer.

I would say that step number 3 is the crucial one, as you have to place the masking cards around the rim, thus prevent over-spray.

Then, you can start spraying the wheel and coloring up the first layer. Here, you must make sure that the paint is dried between layers.

At the very end, just apply lacquer and dry it using a heat lamp or something similar and voila – you have painted wheels without taking them off! Amazing, right? Feel free to leave your thoughts on this.

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