You BOUGHT A Used CAR From An Old Lady? And You Are HAPPY?! SEE Why You Should Not BE! Amazing Car Commercial!

When you search the listings to buy a second hand car, you always look for a well kept vehicle that did not cross lots of miles, a car that does not have any technological problems, it is drive-able, road-legal and most importantly you prefer the owner is a woman, especially an old lady. By that, we automatically think that the car did not experience any racing, drifting, wheelies, burnouts, etc… However, times have changed and today you must expect the unexpected. That is the main message that Volkswagen wants to deliver with this funny commercial where the situation is the same like the one we have described before. The story is about one young bloke who is buying a car from an old lady and he is fascinated by the way the car looks, not having the idea that the granny used to make lots of tricks with her retro VW. To put it simply, this is an amazing car commercial that you just have to see!

A kid and his father see a Volkswagen Golf Mk3 for sale. It is seemingly the perfect car for a young driver. The current owner of the Golf Mk3 is an old lady, and she is happy to let the kid and his father check out the car. However, as soon as the engine starts roaring, the old lady starts having flashbacks! She is reminiscing about the times she used to race with her beloved Mk3! Racing was not all! She did a lot more than that! If you want to find out everything this old lady did, you will have to watch this amazing car commercial!

Finally, we must say big bravo for the creative team behind this commercial. The lesson is learned -- not every old lady is reliable, but fortunately VW is.