Stunningly Beautiful Yellow Koenigsegg Agera RS Has An ENGINE PROBLEM In Milan!

There are several automotive makers that focus solely on creating supercars. Without a doubt, the car maker with the hardest name to pronounce and remember is Koenigsegg! This Swedish automaker makes some really amazing cars, and in the video that we are sharing today, one of them is featured! It is their Koenigsegg Agera RS model! There are only 25 of these made, and seeing one is very rare! However, this video shows the beautiful yellow Koenigsegg Agera RS while having some serious engine trouble! Seeing a supercar such as this one having trouble is really not how you imagine supercars.

Anyways, this footage was taken in Milan. One guy was roaming around in the city of Milan, showing of his yellow Koenigsegg Agera RS. However, after some time, the Agera started having engine trouble. Although it was struggling to get started and there was liquid leaking from the engine, it appeared as the problem was fixed after the car started. Nonetheless, it started to blow black smoke soon afterwards and it was unable to move on a busy street. Luckily, everything was fixed in the end, and you will see the car driving away in the end! Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the Agera RS!

So, if you are an Agera owner, here are some warning reviews you should know!