Great Exposition: Submarine Pops Up On The Streets Of Milan! This Is Marketing Done Right!

We can all safely agree that most people love surprises. However, the people living in Milan in Italy got a surprise that left them baffled for some time. If you are asking why, we are more than happy to elaborate. How would you feel it you were walking through the city and suddenly you see a submarine popping out of the street?! This is exactly what happened in Milan! Luckily, this was a fake submarine installation and the whole plot was a publicity stunt! Furthermore, it was done by an Italian insurance group to let people know just how many crazy things can happen!

The company installed the fake submarine exposition in the early morning, creating a scene like it popped out of the street. There is even a damaged car and people acting like they are injured. This whole scene gathered a lot of attention from bystanders, and who can blame them! This whole show really did a great job at spreading the message of the campaign of the insurance company, named “Protect your life“. It goes to show how many unexpected ways there are of getting hurt. We applaud the company for their bold publicity stunt, it is really original. Get insured people!

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