I do not know about some of you who are not Ford Mustang fans (just as I`m not), but when it comes to the Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra, I must admit that it is one of those muscle rides that make me feel my knees trembling, every time I see it. I believe that it will not be a wrong thing of me to say that some Detroit muscles have a special kind of allure, that distinguish them from the other similar rides, and that make every American muscle car fan like them, and not being able to resist them, even if he actually adores other type of muscle ride!

And when it comes to the Cobra models of the all American pony car, I do not know what exactly is, whether it is that European flavor which these cars are having within, or it is something else, but they sure are amongst the most desirable vintage Detroit muscles.

So in a case you also love these awesome babes yourself, then you are truly going to enjoy the following video that we have prepared for you today, of a Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra that was displayed for the visitors of the 2015 SEMA show.

So check out the video and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below! And if you want to learn something more about the new models of the Mustang Cobra, go to this link.