Chinese Reconstructed The Beijing’s Sanyuan BRIDGE In Just 43 Hours!

In this fast paced world we live in, there is no room for error and irrational time waste. Therefore, we must engage our brains more in order to achieve more in a shorter time period! Plus, in some countries, where the population rate is high (China per se), people cannot simply afford to lose time on unnecessary things. And in order to illustrate the aforesaid in a better way, we have prepared the perfect video for that matter -- a bridge reconstruction process that lasts only 43 hours! More precisely, you are going to watch one of the fastest constructions ever done in Beijing -- the birth of the Sanyuan Bridge!

This bridge cross more than 200 thousand vehicles daily, and due to safety reasons, the surface of Beijing’s Sanyuan Bridge had to be replaced. It represents a significant overpass where the Airport Expressway meets with the Jingshun Road (China National Highway 101) on the east side and the 3rd Ring Road on the west side of the city!

Hence, because of the importance of this bridge, the reconstruction had to be done as fast as possible! First, the Chinese engineers completed the task in amazing 36 hours, but they found out that the damage is bigger than foreseen and they needed additional 7 hours to complete the job totally!

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