Is there anybody who declares himself/herself as a passionate car lover that happens to dislike the NEED FOR SPEED video game? We don`t know such person in our circles, that`s for sure! This cult video game caused a revolution in the racing video games, especially with the UNDERGROUND series. I can tell for myself, I was like glued to the computer and played NFS for hours! It`s not like much have changed since then. Anyway, we have one very special video for today, featuring an actual race from the newest sequel of NFS -- the 2015 Need for Speed E3! Buckle up, this is going to be one speedy ride!

This game is made to look as real as possible! You cannot distinguish the real car from the intro from the car given to you for modification. Thumbs up for that! In this part of the video, you are going to see how exterior changes are made, in a lot more different way than before. After that, the car is ready to hit the streets! Here we can experience the great graphics on a whole new level! But what about the gameplay of the 2015 Need for Speed E3? What do you think of it, from what you can see?

Plus, did you know that the release date was is 3rd November this year?! Also, there is a new trailer! Watch it now!