Check Out The NEW Need For Speed TEASER TRAILER!

An empty street during the shadow hours, only a transporting truck is moving slowly, and all of a sudden, something in a style of the Road Runner (not the car) is `flying away` like a lightening on the street, and the storm begins! What else could that be, but a scene of one of the most anticipated games, the new Need for Speed teaser trailer announcing its return for the following Fall this year…

The new and upcoming Need for Speed, is a full reboot that features the well known out-of-this-world cars, but with a new customization, taking place during the night in an open world, displaying the authentic urban car culture, with the insanely powerful Ford Mustang, Porsche, and other well known beasts.

In a production of the Ghost Games, the 22nd sequel has a great number of modifications, and it will be a fresh new start for the new generation of console, and it will be the very first Xbox 1, Play Station 4, and PC -- only game in the series. So, all those amongst you who were patiently waiting on one of the most iconic games, will soon have the new muscle beasts, and some of the most insane sports cars, at their disposal.

Until then, here is a little taste of what is about to come in just a few months. Check out the Need for speed teaser trailer and feel the adrenaline rush that you will soon experience. And if you want to find out more details about the game, go to this link.