We don`t know if you are animal lovers or not, by you are going to love this video!!! The headline itself imply on something dangerous, but don`t worry, no one`s hurt! An American family visited South Africa, as they decided to go for a ride and observe the nature. However, they got to a point where they drove right through the lions` home! The lions were actually calm and they did not react at all and were simply lying on the ground as the family took pictures and videos of them! What surprised them was the fact that the lion opens car door by itself! Or at least this one did!

Anyway, it is a great shock when all of a sudden a lion approaches your vehicle and simply opens the door using his teeth and tongue! Everything went fine as the girl closed and locked the door immediately. Everything was done so the family could relax and have a laugh at last! You can learn two things from this lion opens car door footage: Do not go directly into the lions` home, because you would not like if someone did that to you. Also, lock your doors when you are near lions!

However, turns out you should watch your car from bees too!