Check Out Graham Ellis’ 6 SECOND Plymouth Drag Monster!

I do not think that I have to tell you something special about the legendary speed and reputation of the iconic Plymouth Superbird, the vintage Detroit muscle with so many NASCAR victories in its rich history and numerous other titles and trophies. But every now and then, we come across some completely modified specimen, like this Plymouth drag behemoth, specially designed for achieving unbelievably fast results on the drag strip, that cannot leave anyone indifferent, absolutely no one!

More precisely, one such car is the British dragster`s Graham Ellis` Plymouth Superbird drag monster. This guy had very successful Super Modified career behind, including one unbelievable season in which he had won literally every round of the eliminations in which he was contesting. So the man decided to make a change and moved to alcohol-blown Pro Modified Plymouth drag beast, that is built and designed by Andy Robinson Race Cars and had its debut at Santa Pod Raceway, at the 2008 Autotrader Easter Thunderball.

His Stealth Bomber looking drag monster is powered by a Stage 5 Fat Head HEMI, with a DMPE M5 Supercharger, which, according to his own words, provides the car with a lot of boost early in the RPM range, which is the `secret` of his great results. And when it comes to the body of his drag monster, it is not just Plymouth Superbird, but a combo of it and Daytona Charger.

Now watch the video below and see what a monster like that is capable of doing on the drag strip. Really impressive! And if you want to see other interesting Superbird videos, click here.