Hello my dear fellow hypercar aficionados! Here we go with another video clip filmed at the world`s capital of Lamborghini (this is the title that I took a liberty to give it), Monaco. But this time, instead of watching some awesome and totally jaw-dropping model of Lamborghini the usual way, on the tiny and curvy streets of Monaco, or perhaps in the famous tunnel, we are going to see this Italian mechanical excellence on one of its beaches. And when it comes to the main protagonist of the video, this time we have one of the very best looking models of Lambo that we had seen in a long time. One absolutely stunning and jaw-dropping Lamborghini Gallardo Nova with a glossy black paint job, that gives it even more appealing charm, especially while it is posing on the beach.

I really think that there is no need for much chit chatting about this ultimate beauty, so just watch the following video that we have prepared for you, and listen to its V10 engine music. And do not be shy to share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. If you want to learn something more about the Lamborghini Gallardo, go to this link.