WOW! 5.8 liter V10 BMW S85 Engine Glows PURPLE! Do You Know Why? DAT SOUND THO!

Everyone has a different taste in music. For gearheads, the best “music“ is the sound of an absolutely monstrous engine! This is why we decided to put some really good music on here, if you know what we mean! If you love the `exotic` sounds of engines that have more than eight cylinders, than the video that we have prepared for you today will be a real treat. Because, what we have here is a ten-cylinder, 5.8 liter engine from BMW M5, that can generate frightening 720 HP and almost 500 pound-feet of torque. The sound of this monster is a real music for the ears of every gearhead who loves big and mighty machines. You must not miss watching this BMW S85 engine! You will fall in love with its sound!

The guys from Dinan have made beautiful “art exhibition” from the standard engine performance, stroking it to full 5.8 liters and dropping the performance cams set into the head, finishing the entire project up with a set of racing exhaust headers… So check out the video and listen to the roar of this great piece of state of the art engineering that produces astonishing 720 horsepower at 8,300 rpm and 497 torque power at 6,900 rpm. You must see this! We warn you though, the video gets really loud! If you are wearing headphones, make sure to turn down the volume a little bit, as the video might give you a headache! This BMW S85 engine is just that powerful! Now that you are all set and safe, we will leave you to see and hear this brilliant engineering masterpiece!

Also, you might find the following link quite handy, if you ever wondered which are the BMW engine codes! Plus, feel free to share your opinions with us about this awesome video!