Is This The Best Semi Truck Engine In The World?! Possibly! 3400 Horsepower, 1704 ci, 24 Cylinders! A TRUE MONSTER!

Every day you get more and more amazed by what people can make nowadays! People express their knowledge through their projects and impress the world every day. Engineering has went so far! While we have big companies developing new electric cars, we also have those true engineering fans! They always stun us with their custom made projects. Cars built from the vary chassis and engines that ROAR! That`s the thing that we made you click actually. A stunning best semi truck engine that we`ve seen in a while! This is a click you will not regret, that`s for sure!

Big Mike has built an amazing engine! Amazing might even be a slight deceiving word. This is brilliant, top, wicked or even DOPE if you like! The biggest and best semi truck engine ever to be built! Big Mike says it`s 300+ horsepower, nitrous and has everything one would need for his truck!

After Big Mike gives us the intro, we finally go to test this beast and see what it`s made of! We must admit, we LOVED the sound of this rock `n` roll best semi truck engine! It was simply paddling our ears softly as it remained mean and tough at the same time!

You really cannot imagine what it`s like to stand in front of that machine! It`s the best motor ever to be built, really! And we have seen many, believe us!

“Everything is big in Texas! Poppycock” they say! This guy Big Mike Harrah from Lake Havasu City, Arizona has a great collection of trucks,cars, bikes, even airplanes & helicopters.

When he was asked “WHY” he has built this V24 Supercharged Beast – Mike Harrah’s answer was: “Because I can!” However stop wasting your time and see the best semi truck in action!

For more photos & info about this monster go HERE!

Enjoy the video below!

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