Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display!

This is a great inspiration for all of those who love organizing their homes, their collections or simply love innovative ways of organizing stuff! This Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display is a real example! So, it goes like this. You have a kid, right? You love to spoil it and buy it a lot of toys! So, you have a kid that you want to turn into a gearhead, what do you do? You buy all the hot wheels and every toy truck or toy car there is! Yeah, of course! That is all great, but what do you do with all the mess after the kid stops playing with them?

Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display 1

You know that stepping on a hot wheels car can be more hurtful than suffering a fatal injury? That`s where this Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display comes in. Literally the best idea we have ever seen when it comes to organizing toys! We do not know who the author of this wooden truck is, but it is utterly satisfying just to stare at it. It is basically a wooden frame in a shape of a truck, full of little shelves and spaces to put a single hot wheels car.

It just makes you wonder, is it worth to take these cars out of the shelves after they were so perfectly organized and made a perfect display! The artist decided to make one more touch of magic and has put Smurfette to be the driver of this wooden truck. What an idea!

Finally, visit the hot wheels collectors` site and find many awesome collections!

WOODEN TRUCK HOT WHEELS DISPLAY….Wow! So cool! What do you think? Find this & Over 40 of the BEST Family Organization Ideas here…http://bit.ly/29rTkZ6.

Posted by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons on Saturday, September 23, 2017