Craftsmanship Level BENTLEY Motors: This Is How They Make Their Own Wooden Trim!

Bentley Motors sure knows how to take advantage of their handcraftsmanship in order to have the edge from other competitors who are entering their ultra-luxury turf. Genuine wood and Leather are lavished on their car`s interiors and seats. Much of this unbelievable craftsmanship from Bentley is done solely by hand at their factory which is made out of old WW2 bricks. In this video, we get to have a glimpse inside this marvelous factory and see how Bentley make their wooden trim which is lavished on the interior of their ultra-luxury cars. The cars are mainly handmade and it takes up to 400 hours in order to build only one Mulsanne from scratch.

No wonder these cars are extremely exclusive and reserved only for the super-rich and super-lucky. It`s not only the wooden trim that is handmade but also the car`s engine. A Bentley W12 engine has more than 5.500 spot welds and most of them are done by hand. To create the leather interior, the master craftsmen of this brand spend 150 hours of stitching. The same hand craftsmanship goes for the wooden trim on the interior. You can see a full rundown in the video below which was shared on Facebook by Car Throttle. You`ll exactly see how much time is invested into making a single Bentley dashboard. During the time they make that dashboard, Toyota on the other hand is probably assembling hundredths of cars.

At last, see what`s behind the process of making the perfect Bentley!