Toyota F1 V10 Engine On The Dyno Spitting Flames At Staggering 20,000 RPM!

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of automotive technology. Having said that, the engines being developed in Formula 1 is the most advanced in the world. Today, F1 has V6 hybrid engines that even though they are extremely complex they doesn`t sound as powerful as those back in the days. However, in this one, we have the opportunity to take a glimpse back in the past when F1 featured monstrous V10 engine. This video features a Toyota V10 F1 engine that is shown spitting flames at 20 RPM! This is something that even the most powerful drag racing engines can`t touch.

In this video, the Toyota F1 V10 engine and its massive capabilities are being tested on the dyno. This should not come as a surprise when you take into consideration that Formula 1 is the home of the most complex dyno sessions in all motorsports. This allows the engine to be run through simulated laps very efficiently. It allows the engine to complete races without even actually fitting them into the F1 car. In the video below, you`ll see the extremely powerful Toyota F1 power unit producing the most insane soundtrack ever while the exhaust spits flames. This is really amazing to listen to, so don`t forget to turn up those speakers.

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