Lewis Hamilton Race In A Formula 1 Car VS Yamaha R1M Superbike!

The Barbados Festival Of Speed is really amazing, especially when you have surprises like this occurring. Namely, Lewis Hamilton decided to give the place a visit in his F1 Car.

Lewis Hamilton Race F1 Car Yamaha R1M Superbike 111

It`s amazing how fast that thing goes and the noise it makes is ecstatic and reminiscent of the old F1 days. Briefly, that would be the Lewis Hamilton race! One of the coolest events I`ve ever seen though, is Lewis Hamilton racing a 1000cc Yamaha R1M superbike in his F1 car.

It really shows how fast both the bike and the car can go, but of course Lewis Hamilton knocks it out of the park as the F1 overtakes the bike again and again. You almost can`t tell that`s really a superbike as the little F1 toys with it through the entire race, with Lewis Hamilton going easy on that accelerator. The F1 car makes the bike look slow, which makes me ask if this is even fair to the bike, or is it just an exhibition for the audience? Both options taken into account, this was well played both by the organizers of the Barbados Festival Of Speed and the F1 legend! Enjoy Lewis Hamilton race.

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