Traffic Police Has A Godlike Method Of Stopping Speeding Vehicles – DynaSpike!

Although we really enjoy the thrill offered by police chase videos, however we must admit that sometimes can end rather badly. The law is equal for everybody, and whoever dares to break it should be fined, or sentenced. From time to time, after breaking the law, someone will try to get away from the police! Even though running away from the police is dangerous and almost impossible, some people just don`t care! Nonetheless, the police has the resources to end any car chase quickly and with minimal collateral damage. One of their methods is by using police tire spikes in order to stop the cars by spiking the fleeing tires!

This way, the driver of the car will lose control of the vehicle, and that will bring an end to the chase! Police tire spikes are normally stretched by the police officers themselves, but with DynaSpike, this is all done automatically! DynaSpike can be put on the desired location, and stretched with the push of a button! We know it is hard to believe, but a wireless remote controlled spike strip does exist, and there is a video of it!

Placing police tire spikes has never been easier! Just put the DynaSpike on the ground, and let the technology take care of the rest! Setting up DynaSpike takes about 15 seconds. All you have to do is turn it on, remove the safety pin and place it on the ground. Afterwards, distance yourself from the spike strip and wait for the car you want to spike! Use the wireless remote to deploy the spikes, and that`s it! After the job has been done, you can retract the spike strip with the push of a button.

Plus, DynaSpike needs just one second to reach its maximum length! This is the same amount of time it needs to retract as well. For any additional information on this wireless remote controlled spike strip, we advise you to watch the video! If you are by any chance a police officer, you will definitely want to have one of these when you are on duty! Enjoy!

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