MUST SEE! Wheeler Dealers Teach Us How To Replace A Willys Jeep Floor! Great Tips!

If you enjoy watching TV shows about cars, chances are high that you have stumbled upon the amazing Wheeler Dealers! This incredible British TV series that airs on the Discovery Channel, is among the favorites of any car enthusiast! It features a car enthusiast named Mike Brewer and Edd China, who is an excellent mechanic. Each episode follows the same pattern, where a vehicle is bought by Mike at the beginning, and brought in for repair or improvement.

After Edd is done with the vehicle, it is sold to a new owner for a higher price! The video we are sharing with you today features Edd China, who teaches the viewer how to replace a Willys Jeep floor! As Edd puts it, replacing the Jeep floor is quite a mission, mainly because the car is quite old! Given the fact that this car is collectable, accomplishing this mission will be a real reward!

The Jeep is designed to be simple to work on, so the access to it is really good. The first step in replacing the Jeep floor is to get the rear section of the body away from the chassis. In order to do this, about 12 bolts need to be unbolted and to separate the front half of the chassis. That will happen just at the rear of the wings, after unbolting a few more bolts from either side. Separating the rear section from the chassis is not just about bolts though, as the steering column and some wiring need to be disconnected as well.

With the connecting bolts undone, everything on the body that is connected to the chassis needs to be disconnected as well. Removing everything took a whole day to be done! Will the amount of work put in replacing the Jeep floor be worth it in the end? You will have to see the video in order to get your answer!

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