This 5 YEAR OLD KID MECHANIC Knows More Than You Do!

So far, you have seen numerous videos featuring parents (mostly fathers) and their children doing some vehicle-related things! Whether it is a word of going on a ride together, teaching the children stuff about cars and bikes or even make them feel like they actually drive the big car, these are all unforgettable and adorable moments at the same time. Taken the aforesaid in consideration, we decided to present you another video which presents the cutest kid mechanic ever! He is only 5 years old and his name is Phoenix!

Phoenix with only the necessary help of his dad (using more force), who does not appear in the video, is going to show you how to replace a wheel bearing of a 2001 Toyota Corolla! Understandably, this video took a lot of editing time in order to look as you are going to watch it. Also, you are going to be amazed of the way how this kid mechanic follows his dad`s instructions. Another awesome fact is that the majority of children who are at Phoenix`s age, get easily scared only by the sound of a wrench falling on the garage`s floor. But this is not the case with Phoenix!

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