Before Doing The Paintjob You Must Prepare The Paint Surface! Wheeler Dealers Will Show You How Using An MGB GT!

If you are into cars, Wheeler Dealers is definitely a show you wouldn`t want to miss! It can teach you anything, from negotiating car prices to fixing them. In the video we are sharing with you today, Edd China from Wheeler Dealers shows how to properly prepare the paint surface before doing a paintjob! As Edd puts it, before doing the paintjob, you first have to attack the paint work. He uses wet and dry paper for removing stone chips and small abrasions on the car.

Also, he has a power tools for taking care of the really unpleasant stuff. In this particular video, the car that is getting its paint surface prepared is an MGB GT. At the start, he is using an angle grinder to prepare the metal work before the paint goes on. It is advised to use this instrument carefully, because it is quite crude.

As for cutting the paint and keeping the surface nice and smooth on the MGB GT, Edd China recommends the 600 wet-and-dry sandpaper. Afterwards, Edd takes care of one of the parts affected the most by rust. It is on the scuttle panel, and the front window had to be taken down so that Edd can fix it. However, the rust was discovered to be only on the surface, so fixing it was much easier. For the purpose of fixing this problem, Edd removed all the flakiness of the corrosion and used Rust Remedy. This stuff chemically changes the iron oxide into a solid firm material. It also prevents rust from reforming on the treated area.

When it comes to the dents on the car`s scuttle panel, he used a filler to fill up the holes. After taking care of all the rust and dents, the paint surface of the MGB GT is almost ready for the paintjob! At last, in order for paint to bind onto the surface, Edd used scotch pads to scratch the surface so that paint can have something to grip on to. With that being done, the MGB GT is ready to get a new paintjob!

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