Wheeler Dealers Is Back At It Again! This Time They Show Us How To Replace Wheel Arches!

We have written about the Wheeler Dealers in the past, and we decided to share yet another video of them with you guys! This time we are shown how to replace wheel arches! The `victim` in the video is a BMW Isetta, and we can see Edd China doing what he does best! As Edd puts it, the wheel arches are only part of the jigsaw, and he will also repair the lower wings which have seen some abuse in the past. Before cutting any bad metal, one should always know where exactly to cut.

Luckily, Edd China shows us how to do this. Some of the original beading of the BMW Isetta is still on the car, and it fits quite nicely with the new beading Edd has. This shows him where exactly he should mark and cut the bad metal! However, after cutting the rotten metal away, it revealed a corroded skin underneath, which needed to be replaced as well.

The inner wing gets a replacement steel panel first, and the panel was made by Edd himself. In order to weld it properly, he uses a couple of magnets on the back of the panel to hold the new steel panel in place. After this is done, the next step is to cut out the rotten metal around the wheel arches, and trim the repair panels so he is certain that they will fit perfectly. It is a slow process, but it has to be right! In order to weld the new panels for the wheel arches, Edd needs to use 2 different types of welding.

The first type is tack welding, and the second is spot welding. We leave it to you guys to watch the video and see everything else that the Wheeler Dealers` mechanic did to replace the wheel arches!

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