Metal Cube Within A Metal Cube INSIDE ONE MORE METAL CUBE! This Is Some Fine Craftsmanship!

Although not many are aware, a lot of skill is required in order to be a good toolmaker. In fact, tool making is something that many of us never think about. This video however, shows us just how long and hard it can be in order to craft something incredible! In this particular video, we see the amazing craftsmanship of one toolmaker who manages to make a metal cube, within a metal cube, inside another metal cube!

You read it correctly, a big metal cube which has a small metal cube in it, and the small metal cube has an even smaller cube inside it! To make things even more interesting, this is all created from one round bar! Making a round object into a square one is quite demanding, and this guy does it with incredible precision! This is what high quality craftsmanship looks like!

The whole process starts with drawing the concept. It is clearly shown that the tool maker intends on making a metal cube with 2 more cubes inside of it. He even shows us the piece of metal he intends on using to create the beautiful cube. The whole process is quite long, but in the end, the effort is worth it! Everything is done using a lathe, which is a machine that rotates an object so that it can be cut, drilled, sanded and much more!

The tool maker measures the diameter of the round bar, making sure it is 50 millimeters, or in the imperial system, exactly 1.9685 inches! After making sure that the size is just right, the tool maker continues to drill and shape the bar until it looks like a cube! If you want to know how the rest of the process goes, you will have to watch the video! Trust us, it is quite enjoyable!

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