Simple HOMEMADE GO KART Set In Motion By A DRILL Motor!

When it comes to giving the best to the children, the parents` knows no limits i.e. their imagination! Especially if parents are creative. Often, it does not take much in order to create something that children will love. And there is not reward big enough to compensate the children`s love and happiness. One such example is the video you have the possibility to see below. It features do it yourself go cart, powered by a drill motor! It already sounds amazing, but it will be even more once you see it! You are going to be charmed by its simplicity!

In addition, the functions of this homemade go kart are rather straightforward and are also explained in the footage you are about to see. For starters, the steering system. Frankly, it made us laugh (in a positive manner) when we saw how this go kart takes corners! The steering wheel is actually a Frisbee disc! So original! Moreover, the braking system is also very simple. A direct contact between the wooden brake and the left tire. The most important part is naturally the drill motor. As a matter of fact, the thought of having a drill at the back of the kart is positively hilarious! Everyone should try this for their children, don`t you think?

Wondering how to build a go-kart in one day?! This DIY guide will give you the best instructions!