STAR WARS Fans We Found A REAL Rocking SPEEDER BIKE For Your Toddlers! This Is Their New FAVORITE TOY!

From the first baby cry until the last atom of strength in the parents` bodies, they would do everything they possibly can in order to give their children the best life direction. The feeling when this unconditional love is returned,regardless the forms, is unquestionably priceless. The video we have prepared for you today presents some images of the building process of a rocking SPEEDER BIKE suitable for toddlers, which looks like the original ones in the movie!

Additionally, the award for the father`s effort is also included in the video in a form on an irresistible smile on the little princess Leia`s face! This dad is strong with the force!

The Speeder Bike model you are about to see is a 74-Z which had it appearance in the Episode VI from the Star Wars franchise – The Return Of The Jedi. This awesome rocking speeder bike now resides in the awesome dad`s garden! His daughter now probably has the best toy in the whole world! The speeder bike is usually used by the imperial troopers for high speed chases with Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. However, this little girl is using it to, well, relax. The construction of a rocking speeder bike may seem simple at first glance, but it is definitely not. However, with the right knowhow and persistence is totally DIY material! Anyway, let`s overview what you`ll need if you decide to build one for your children.

The main material is plywood. It is cheap, strong, easy to shape and looks pretty good if you know how to finish it. Next, 3D printing is used for the curled parts, PVC tube, screws (G2 and G4) and bolts (mainly M3 and M4). Good luck!

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