CHEVY CORVETTE C7, Ford Mustang, Audi, BMW… Choices, so many choices…If by some chance one does not have a favorite car (which I`m sure it is not the case with us), whether it is some ultra-powerful and jaw-dropping Detroit muscle from the 21st century, or perhaps some of those out-of-this-world hypercars that makes you look at them with your mouth open, man can easily get confused if he tries to decide which one he likes and prefers best!

But, as above mentioned, for the typical Gearheads like us, who know exactly what they want, the only problem would be how deep is your pocket, for all the aftermarket upgrades you would want to do, once you purchase your favorite monster. And, in some cases, like the one that you are going to see in the following video, when you are watching a drag battle between two awesome sports cars, which one to pick as a favorite. Or where to put your bet!

What we have here are two pretty much equally tuned opponents, an APR Supercharged Audi R8 versus Blown Chevy Corvette C7, filmed as they are drag racing on the streets of Dubai. We have a rolling start at 50 mph and…well, I do not want to give away too much about it and ruin the suspense for you. So you better check out the video yourself and see the outcome of the race! And at the end of the video, as an addition to this race, there is a short glimpse of another one between stock Challenger Hellcat and a Big Block Malibu! So, enjoy it fellows!

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