What is the Best Exercise Bike for Home use?

Cycling is healthy. It’s exciting, it has low risks for injuries and helps you strengthen your muscles. There are many reasons to get on your road bike and take an adventure on bike freeways. But in as much as it`s lovely cycling outdoors, work commitment or bad weather can keep you indoors for long hours. But who said you can`t ride a bike indoors? You`ve probably seen them on Google ads. They resemble road bikes but lack wheels, and are fixed on the floor. They have pedals, and a large wheel suspended in-between the front legs (stands). This wheel is known as a flywheel. If your bike is your only way of exercising, an indoor bike should be your alternative way to exercise at home. Below we explore the different kinds of indoor exercise bikes and how to pick the right one.

What is the Best Exercise Bike for Home use 2

Upright Stationary Bikes

Designed to mick the average road bikes, these are the most common types of exercise bikes. Their pedals are placed directly below and adjustable seat. The bike`s frame from the pedals join the handles in an upward inclining angle to give room for the flywheel.

While many upright bikes have the seat placed at the same level as the handles, some bikes have adjustable saddles and handles. You don’t have to struggle to ride on a short bike if you are tall. An adjustable handle, on the other hand, helps you level it up or down to make it comfortable for your back.

The biggest benefit of using upright bikes is that they are easy to use. Simply sit on the saddle and start peddling the flywheel. To increase or reduce resistance, adjust the braking system using any gear systems provided.

Of course, these bikes have their differences. We’ll discuss more of this later. But if you need proof that you shouldn’t buy the first bike you find, read reviews online. The best-rated bikes are sturdier, with effective braking systems, comfortable seats, and good pedals. Here are the top 10 best-rated exercise bikes, https://www.bestreviews.guide/cycling-bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

Upright exercise bikes are not perfect. Small, unforgiving saddles and un-adjustable handles can lead to back strains and intensive stress. As an alternative, enter recumbent bikes. Instead of a saddle, these bikes have a chair for a seat.

Like your regular office chair, the seats on recumbent bikes offer comfy back support and armrests. The pedals are attached to the flywheel. Some bikes come without handles so that you cycle in a relaxed manner. But more professional bikes have smaller seats designed to let you sit up front and hold on the handle to cycle vigorously.

Recumbent bikes are designed for laid back cyclers who don`t care about speed and vigor. They fit people who hate exercising or those that prefer exercises that are not strenuous. Their design also allows for a screen where the handle would usually be located. That way, you can stream your favorite shows as you exercise.

Spin Bike

Spin bikes resemble upright bikes albeit with some few differences. First, they are short in length to take up a small space in your house. They are also designed specifically for indoor exercises. Other than that, the two types of bikes share a lot of similarities.

Like upright bikes, spin bikes use a magnetic or mechanical system to add and reduce resistance to the flywheel. The pedals are also located below the seat. Most spin bikes come with techy-features meant to impress home-gym enthusiasts.

From transportation wheels to gears, smart screens and adjustable handlebars, spin bikes are made to impress. While that`s a good thing for users, smart features shouldn`t be your only reason for buying an indoor bike. Sturdiness, flywheel size, and braking systems are equally important factors.

Dual Action Stationary Bikes

These exercise bikes combine a fixed bike with another workout tool. That could be a stair climber or movable handlebars. The goal is to help you exercise both the lower and upper bodies. Most of them are tall, with super-large flywheels and handlebar.

If you only want to do one exercise, you can lock the handles. Many of the machines also support smart screens for recording your workout data. Surprisingly, the bikes don’t vary a lot in cost with upright bikes.

Indoor Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

Whether you are a vigorous rider laid back and cycle slowly, an indoor exercise bike can help you achieve your exercising goals. Simply make your buying decision based after identifying the most important features in the bikes.

  • Materials and Quality—most bikes are designed from steel or aluminum metal frames. Steel is stronger and more durable. Aluminum is lighter but equally durable. Either metal is a good choice. However, there are other parts like gears braking systems designed from magnets. Ensure these parts are of good quality by reading reviews
  • Portability—transportation wheels help you move the bile around without having to lift it. But if it’s not heavy, wheels are not mandatory.
  • Braking systems—not all bikes come with magnetic braking systems. Some use belts. Magnets are less noisy but more expensive. They are also more effective when adjusting resistance.
  • Design—besides the aesthetics, evaluate the bike`s design. Is it built for upright exercises? Can you work out while standing? If you`ve never sat on an exercising bike, visit your gym and try several of the bikes. Experiment working out on different bike designs even if you`ll make your purchase online. It will help you make a better decision.
  • Price—exercise bikes range anywhere between $90 and $500. A good bike with all important features cost in the $200 range. Assess all the features advertised in a bike to decide where it offers value for money.
  • Additional Features—most bikes and with cup and iPad holders. Their flywheels also differ in size and so is the total amount of weight supported. Some of these features, like weight and flywheel size, are very important. Ensure a bike can hold your weight before making a purchase.

To Conclude

If bad weather, security and work commitment are stopping you from exercising with your road bike, consider an indoor exercise bike. They are designed to imitate outdoor cycling, with pedals and flywheel mechanisms that increase resistance as you pedal.

There are several types of bikes, so take time to choose the right one. A bike’s quality, its weight support level, comfort, and braking systems are some of the most important features to check. Once you have the right bike, an indoor bike will help you burn as many calories as your road bike.