Engine SWAP Of The YEAR! Bump Up Your Speakers & Enjoy This Monstrous V12 In An Old School Toyota MX41 Mark II!

A creative gearhead from New Zealand built a very unique `79 Toyota MX41 Mark II sedan and made one extraordinary engine swap. At first, the owner planned on swapping the factory M-EU inline-six 2.0L with a 3UZ or a 1UZ V8. However, his original plan was altered when a 1GZ-FE V12 5.0L showed up! This V12 engine was fitted very nicely and only needed the headers modified. It was fitted using 1UZ to M engine mounts. They were only bent slightly in order to make the angle. Also, the owner of this vehicle decided to build custom-made individual bodies that can be found on a 20v inline four 4A-GE.

Elsewhere on the drivetrain there is a flywheel and a 1UZ clutch that are linked to a R154 five speed manual transmission. After this old school Toyota had its engine swap and old standard engine discarded, it produced 367.5 HP! Now this car is ready to be the ultimate sleeper on the drag track. No one would guess what sits under the hood of this old Japanese car. Check out the video below and enjoy the beasty sound of this extraordinary build which definitely made our day. Enjoy and tell us what you think!

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