High Energy Braking at 150mph with Bloodhound SSC Brake System!

There has been a massive progress in the vehicle manufacturing industry recently; hereby these companies produced some absolutely amazing and unbelievably fast cars. Despite all the normal looking ones, there are these cars that look like they came from the future and are used just for one purpose only, and that is breaking speed record. One of them is surely the Bloodhound SSC. If you are not familiar with this car, stay tuned and see why this beauty has one of the most advanced braking systems in the world.

High Energy Braking from 150mph 2

You must be wondering, well what makes this system so exceptional? Hence these cars designed purely for speed, their brake system reaches extremely high temperatures when it stops. Hereby, we check out this video and see how this actually looks like. Namely, they are located at this runway and there are couples of GoPros mounted on certain places on the car.

There is one sitting just in front of the brake system. It takes just 6.3 seconds for the Bloodhound SSC go to from 0 to 150 mph. Moreover, during this test run, the car reached 154mph. But now it was time for the car to slow down. Just couple of seconds after the driver pushed the brake pedal inside the car, we can see that the AP racing carbon disc brakes start glowing hence they reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius.

How cool is that! What do you think; do these cars have the most advanced braking system in the world?