Incredibly Dumb Fail Girl Puts Oil On Her Engine! It Hurts!

Automobiles are sacred part of the life of most men and a fewer number (which is constantly growing) of ladies, who by the way have our full support! Taking into account that this web site is run mostly by human beings with XY chromosomes, we are going to observe this fail girl experience from a guy`s perspective.

The video you are about to see will definitely cause an avalanche of diverse feelings in a blink of an eye. There is this brunette with tight dress and high heels, holding a motor oil tin recorded in the moment of lifting a BMW hood. This is the part when every man on Earth would think that not only she is gorgeous yet also she knows how to take care of car! But NO! Instead, she is pouring the oil all over the machine! How rude, how brutal! We have a question for her: How would you feel if somebody pours motor oil on your high heel collection? Probably disgusted! Well, that`s how we felt! This was one unpleasant surprise, regardless the fail girl physical appearance. Let`s just hope that this is some hidden camera trick!

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