With the everyday advance of the technology, people are finding new ways to express their creativity in various and numerous areas. And the disappearing garage that we are going to show you today in the following video clip is definitely one of those that not just that it attracts our interest, but it also deserves every respect for its creativity and great use of imagination, the so called thinking out of the box!

Located deep in the woods, on the very shore of the Lake Tahoe, it is a compound with a garage for even 30 cars of 9 greyhound busses. And how does it do it, without turning your front or backyard into a big parking lot that looks like a public area? Thanks to a big elevator, it goes subterranean, where the owner can park his Mercedes-Benz, or Lamborghini Aventador, or even his Peterbilt truck! It all depends on the taste, right?

But besides this, it also has a motorcycle elevator for two motorcycles, that moves them directly into the disappearing garage. The whole project is designed and constructed to perfectly blend with its surroundings and it really appears to be perfect! So far the place had been used for some very rare Chevy Corvettes, Porsche Carreras, and many others that worth about $30 million! But now it is almost empty and it is for sale ($50 million).

Check out the video and see the whole thing yourself. And if you want to see an interesting invention that will make you save some money, go to this link.